Getting started


The Imaging Data Commons Portal provides a web-based interactive interface to browse the data hosted by IDC and build cohorts of cases (subjects). The IDC portal features include:

  • Open access to all of the data hosted by IDC

  • Search of the IDC data based on a subset of metadata attributes

  • Visualization of DICOM images and analysis results

  • Interactive selection of the subsets of cases to form cohorts

  • Summary plots for the user-defined cohorts

  • Saving of the user-defined cohorts under Imaging Data Commons user account

The slides below give a quick guided overview of how you can use IDC Portal.

You do not need to login to explore or download the available data using IDC Portal. The login option is available if you would like to save the cohorts you selected, or if you want to export your cohort into Google BigQuery. Please create your account using a Google account to access full functionality related to cohort management.

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