IDC User Guide
Getting started


Imaging Data Commons portal provides a web-based interactive interface to browse the data hosted by IDC and build cohorts of cases (subjects). The IDC portal features include:
    open access to all of the data hosted by IDC
    search of the IDC data based on DICOM metadata
    visualization of DICOM images and analysis results
    interactive selection of the subsets of cases to form cohorts
    summary plots for the user-defined cohorts
    saving of the user-defined cohorts under Imaging Data Commons user account
Datasets that are available within IDC are summarized in the Data release notes.
If you have a need to search IDC content using DICOM attributes other than those available through the portal, you can use this DataStudio dashboard. You can also extend this dashboard to include additional attributes.

Accessing the Imaging Data Commons Portal

The IDC portal is accessible using a modern web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge at the following URL:
While you can browse the data available on IDC without having to log in, you will need to log in to save cohorts and generate cohort manifests. You can create an account to log into IDC using either your existing Google account, or using IDC-specific login.
In order to activate IDC-specific login, you will need to click the link sent by email to confirm your email address. It is a known issue that those confirmation emails may be classified as spam, or may never arrive. Furthermore, there is not much you can do with the IDC data without a Google account, since you will need to authenticate with a Google account to access the files stored in IDC. Because of this, we recommend that you use a Google account to log into the IDC portal.
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