Core functions

Cloud-based analysis

  • Connect cancer researchers with the data and compute resources co-located on the cloud.

  • Enable building of imaging-focused cohorts for cross-omics analyses.

FAIR science

  • Implement and refine FAIR (Findable Accessible Interoperable Reusable) data stewardship principles as applied to cancer imaging research.

  • Apply DICOM standard to harmonize imaging and image-derived cancer imaging data.

  • Define best practices and worked out examples for using and generating FAIR data.

Use cases

  • Apply the developed technology to solve meaningful research problems in radiology, digital pathology, and other domains.

  • Develop examples of harmonization of images, image-derived, and image-related data.

Open source

  • Simplify access to open source image computing tools.

  • Support adoption of IDC-developed tools.

Community building

  • Identify and address unmet needs of the cancer imaging community.

  • Promote openness, support, and education.

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