Imaging Data Commons (IDC) is a new node in the Cancer Research Data Commons (CRDC) that connects researchers with
  1. 1.
    Cancer image collections
  2. 2.
    Robust infrastructure that contains imaging data, subject and sample metadata, and experimental metadata from disparate sources
  3. 3.
    Resources for searching, identifying, and viewing images, and
  4. 4.
    Additional data types contained in other Cancer Research Data Commons nodes (e.g., Genomics Data Commons and Proteomic Data Commons).
The overview of IDC is available in this open access publication:
Fedorov, A., Longabaugh, W. J. R., Pot, D., Clunie, D. A., Pieper, S., Aerts, H. J. W. L., Homeyer, A., Lewis, R., Akbarzadeh, A., Bontempi, D., Clifford, W., Herrmann, M. D., Höfener, H., Octaviano, I., Osborne, C., Paquette, S., Petts, J., Punzo, D., Reyes, M., Schacherer, D. P., Tian, M., White, G., Ziegler, E., Shmulevich, I., Pihl, T., Wagner, U., Farahani, K. & Kikinis, R. NCI Imaging Data Commons. Cancer Res. 81, 4188–4193 (2021). http://dx.doi.org/10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-21-0950
You can also review the accompanying demonstration videos for a quick summary of some of the key features of the platform.
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