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Dashboard for your cohort

Use IDC-provided DataStudio template to build a custom dashboard for your cohort
You can use this DataStudio template to build a custom dashboard for your own cohort, which will look like the screenshot below in three relatively simple steps.
Screenshot of the DataStudio dashboard template you can use to explore your cohort.
Step 1: Prepare the manifest BigQuery table
Export the cohort manifest as a BigQuery table, and take note of the location of the resulting table.
Name of the BQ table you will need is highlighted with the red rectangle.
Step 2: Duplicate the template
Open the dashboard template following this link:, and click "Use template" to make a copy of the dashboard.
When prompted, do not change the default options, and click "Copy Report".
Step 3: Configure data source
Select "Resource > Manage added data sources"
Select "Edit" action:
Update the custom query as instructed. This will select all of the DICOM metadata available for the instances in your cohort.
For example, if the location of your manifest table is canceridc-user-data.user_manifests.manifest_cohort_101_20210127_213746, the custom query that will join your manifest with the DICOM metadata will be the following:
`canceridc-user-data.user_manifests.manifest_cohort_101_20210127_213746` AS my_cohort
`canceridc-data.idc_current.dicom_all` AS all_of_idc
all_of_idc.SOPInstanceUID = my_cohort.SOPInstanceUID
Once you updated the query, click "Reconnect" in the upper right corner.
Make sure you select a valid Billing Project that you can use to support the queries!
Accept the below, if prompted (you may also be notified about changes to the schema of the table, so the message may be different).
Click "Done" on the next screen:
Click "Close" on the next screen:
You are Done! The dashboard for your cohort is now live: you can "View" it to interact with the content, you can edit it to explore additional attributes in the cohort, and you can choose to keep it private or share with a link!