IDC User Guide

3D Slicer desktop VM

In order to follow these instructions, you will need to have a project that has billing enabled. Please follow the instructions in Getting started with GCP to set up billing.
You can launch a VM in your project with a command like this in your local terminal (replace vm-name with a name for your machine):
The current image we created requires GPU accelerator! If you do not specify the accelerator in the command below, you will not be able to access the machine!
export VMNAME=vm-name
gcloud compute instances create ${VMNAME} \
--machine-type=n1-standard-8 \
--accelerator=type=nvidia-tesla-k80,count=1 \
--image-family=slicer \
--image-project=idc-sandbox-000 \
--boot-disk-size=200GB \
--boot-disk-type=pd-balanced \
Once it boots in about 90 seconds you can type:
gcloud compute ssh ${VMNAME} -- -L 6080:localhost:6080
Then you can open http://localhost:6080/vnc.html?autoconnect=true to get to your desktop.
Note that this effort is a work in progress with a minimal desktop environment. Further refinement is expected and community contributions would be welcome! A description of the background and possible evolution of this work is in this document.