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IDC team

Imaging Data Commons is being developed by a team of engineers and imaging scientists with decades of experience in cancer imaging informatics, cloud computing, imaging standards, security, open source tool development and data sharing.
IDC team during face-to-face project meeting at ISB, May 11, 2023
Our team includes the following sites and project leads:
  • Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, MA, USA (BWH)
    • Andrey Fedorov, PhD, and Ron Kikinis, MD - Co-PIs of the project
    • Hugo Aerts, PhD
    • Dennis Bontempi
    • Cosmin Ciausu, MS
    • Vamsi Thiriveedhi, MS
    • Deepa Krishnaswamy, PhD
    • Katie Mastrogiacomo
    • Maria Loy
  • Institute for Systems Biology, Seattle, WA, USA (ISB)
    • David Gibbs, PhD - site PI
    • William Longabaugh, MS
    • William Clifford, MS
    • Suzanne Paquette, MS
    • George White
    • Ilya Shmulevich, PhD
  • General Dynamics Information Technology, Bethesda, MD, USA (GDIT)
    • David Pot, PhD - site PI
    • Poojitha Gundluru
    • Fabian Seidl
    • Prema Venkatesun
    • Anthony Le
  • Fraunhofer MEVIS, Bremen, Germany (Fraunhofer MEVIS)
    • André Homeyer, PhD - site PI
    • Daniela Schacherer, MS
    • Henning Höfener, PhD
  • Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA, USA (MGH)
    • Chris Bridge, DPhil - site PI
    • Chris Gorman, PhD
  • Radical Imaging LLC, Boston, MA, USA (Radical Imaging)
    • Rob Lewis, PhD - site PI
    • Igor Octaviano
    • Rodrigo Basilio
  • PixelMed Publishing, Bangor, PA, USA (PixelMed)
    • David Clunie, MB, BS - site PI
  • Isomics Inc, Cambridge, MA, USA (Isomics)
    • Steve Pieper, PhD - site PI
  • Leidos Biomedical Research
    • Ulrike Wagner - project manager
    • Todd Pihl - project manager
  • National Cancer Institute
    • Erika Kim - federal lead

IDC Alumni

We are grateful to the following individuals who contributed to IDC in the past, but are no longer directly involved in the development of IDC.
  • Keyvan Farahani (NCI)
  • Markus Herrmann (MGH)
  • Davide Punzo (Radical Imaging)
  • James Petts (Radical Imaging)
  • Erik Ziegler (Radical Imaging)
  • Gitanjali Chhetri (Radical Imaging)
  • Jose Ulloa (Radical Imaging)
  • Madelyn Reyes (GDIT)
  • Derrick Moore (GDIT)
  • Mark Backus (GDIT)
  • Rachana Manandhar (BWH)
  • Rasmus Kiehl (Fraunhofer MEVIS)
  • Chad Osborne (GDIT)
  • Afshin Akbarzadeh (BWH)
  • Jessica Cienda (GDIT)
  • Bernard Larbi (GDIT)
  • Mi Tian (ISB)