IDC team

Imaging Data Commons is being developed by a team of engineers and imaging scientists with decades of experience in cancer imaging informatics, cloud computing, imaging standards, security, open source tool development and data sharing.

Our team includes the following sites and project leads:

  • Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, MA, USA (BWH)

    • Andrey Fedorov, PhD, and Ron Kikinis, MD - Co-PIs of the project

    • Hugo Aerts, PhD

    • Dennis Bontempi

    • Cosmin Ciausu, MS

    • Vamsi Thiriveedhi, MS

    • Deepa Krishnaswamy, PhD

    • Katie Mastrogiacomo

    • Maria Loy

  • Institute for Systems Biology, Seattle, WA, USA (ISB)

    • David Gibbs, PhD - site PI

    • William Longabaugh, MS

    • William Clifford, MS

    • Suzanne Paquette, MS

    • George White

    • Ilya Shmulevich, PhD

  • General Dynamics Information Technology, Bethesda, MD, USA (GDIT)

    • David Pot, PhD - site PI

    • Poojitha Gundluru

    • Fabian Seidl

    • Prema Venkatesun

    • Anthony Le

  • Fraunhofer MEVIS, Bremen, Germany (Fraunhofer MEVIS)

    • André Homeyer, PhD - site PI

    • Daniela Schacherer, MS

    • Henning Höfener, PhD

  • Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA, USA (MGH)

    • Chris Bridge, DPhil - site PI

    • Chris Gorman, PhD

  • Radical Imaging LLC, Boston, MA, USA (Radical Imaging)

    • Rob Lewis, PhD - site PI

    • Igor Octaviano

    • Pedro Kohler

  • PixelMed Publishing, Bangor, PA, USA (PixelMed)

    • David Clunie, MB, BS - site PI

  • Isomics Inc, Cambridge, MA, USA (Isomics)

    • Steve Pieper, PhD - site PI


  • Leidos Biomedical Research

    • Ulrike Wagner - project manager

    • Todd Pihl - project manager

  • National Cancer Institute

    • Erika Kim - federal lead

IDC Alumni

We are grateful to the following individuals who contributed to IDC in the past, but are no longer directly involved in the development of IDC.

  • Keyvan Farahani (NCI)

  • Markus Herrmann (MGH)

  • Davide Punzo (Radical Imaging)

  • James Petts (Radical Imaging)

  • Erik Ziegler (Radical Imaging)

  • Gitanjali Chhetri (Radical Imaging)

  • Rodrigo Basilio (Radical Imaging)

  • Jose Ulloa (Radical Imaging)

  • Madelyn Reyes (GDIT)

  • Derrick Moore (GDIT)

  • Mark Backus (GDIT)

  • Rachana Manandhar (BWH)

  • Rasmus Kiehl (Fraunhofer MEVIS)

  • Chad Osborne (GDIT)

  • Afshin Akbarzadeh (BWH)

  • Jessica Cienda (GDIT)

  • Bernard Larbi (GDIT)

  • Mi Tian (ISB)

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